alice maz

I wrote about artificial intelligence, early germanic law codes, distaste for school and cops, my perspective on history, and some personal stories: alien intelligences

my first site at this domain I made when I was still doing twines, and shortly after I started freelance webdev. the background was black festooned with dark gray mojibake. the text was white and yellow and sat in bright pink boxes with rounded corners that floated into different configurations based on the screen dimensions. there was a page with embedded tweets talking about the semiotics of the fav that had buttons to let you fav them. I wrote the whole thing in a ratking of angular and didn't even respect the platform, using various means to break its abstractions for my own convenience. I was very pleased with myself

my second site at this domain I made after I had gotten fed up with the web ecosystem and become enamored with the image of the unix graybeard. I was getting into erlang and c, I switched off debian for freebsd, I had developed philosophical objections to javascript. I wrote a static site generator as a gigantic makefile that performed a three-stage compile using sed and m4 to replace text in blocks and stitch blocks into pages. I used monospaced fonts because computer and had a horrible three-column flexbox layout that was too wide on normal monitors and too narrow on phones. the makefile built a sitemap and atom feed, and a page where it displayed itself, which required contortions to write regex patterns that would not match their own definitions. I was very pleased with myself

this is my third site at this domain. I use arch because it's good enough. I'm switching to void soon so I don't have to depend on gnu and switching to genode later so I don't have to depend on linux. my primary programming languages lately are scheme and email. I generate the site out of templates with a hundred lines of scheme. my stylesheet is seventy lines because most browser defaults are fine. I use generic sans-serif because that's fine. I don't use javascript because why. I make everything one column because I can have a small margin on phones and big margin on not-phones and never have to even think about layout. I use hrs as dividers and don't even style them. I have one page where I need to put two things next to each other and I use a table. my only extravagances are fleurons and em dashes. I am very pleased with myself

I will try to keep this updated this time! but I know my track record is not the best. lots going on lately, very excited. posting something nice in a few days!