<<if $shitend neq "...">>I don't give a damn. <<endif>>Just drive the wagon. I'm going in back to sort out my things. The sooner I don't have to look at you, the better.\n\n@@color: #82841d;(x)@@<<fadeoutsound "https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/2979875/musica.ogg">>
C'mon, we're almost there. You know this trail better than me.\n\n@@color: #82841d; Mm... Ahhh... Ok, ok, I'm up...@@\n\n[[(o)|up]]
Huh? <<if $relationship neq -1>>Honey, of course I do.<<else>>Sure I do.<<endif>> You know <<if $relationship eq 1>>I love you<<else>>how I feel about you<<endif>>. I can't imagine us living separate. <<if $relationship eq 1>>You... feel the same, don't you?<<endif>><<if !$relationship>>I mean, we're doing ok together, right?<<endif>><<if $relationship eq -1>>I mean... I know we've grown apart, but I think it's just the road taking its toll, you know?<<endif>>\n\n<<cyclinglink $bewith "Yeah." "I guess so." "I... um..." "...">>\n\n[[(o)|qnadots]]
Come with you? Christ, have you listened to anything I've been saying? I mean... I <<if $relationship eq 1>>love you<<else>>have feelings for you<<endif>>. But you can't expect me to just give up what I want--no, what I need--and follow you all over the countryside hoping maybe someday you'll take me into account when you're making decisions.\n\n<<cyclinglink $roadbeg "Please, just come with me. I need you." "We'll settle down someplace else soon, I promise." "If that's what you want, fine." "Guess this is goodbye, then.">>\n\n[[(o)|roadcomeend]]
No! No. For fuck's sake, aren't you listening to what I'm saying? You really think I'd be doing this if I wasn't dead set? Like trying to tell me I "don't feel that way" is going to change my fucking mind? It's over, damn it. Over.\n\n<<cyclinglink $shitend "I..." "But..." "...">>\n\n[[(o)|sambreakend]]
Aw, don't worry<<if $relationship eq 1>>, honey<<endif>>. We'll do alright here. <<if $tempjob eq "they need supplies">><<set $job = 0>>There's always buyers in a place like this<<endif>><<if $tempjob eq "they need doctors">><<set $job = 1>>Not enough doctors to go around anymore<<endif>><<if $tempjob eq "we don't get busted">><<set $job = -1>>Just stick to the story and keep your gun handy<<endif>>.\n\n<<cyclinglink $sureness "Sounds good." "If you say so." "You sure?">>\n\n[[(o)|norookie]]
Alright. <<if $promise eq "I promise.">>I trust you.<<endif>><<if $promise eq "I can't promise you that.">>I'm glad you're honest about it.<<endif>><<if $promise eq "...">>Don't say it if you don't mean it.<<endif>> It's my decison to come, after all. And maybe I'll learn to like it again. Just... just don't take my being here for granted.\n\nHell, I don't need to tell you that. Ha. I'll go in back and get our things ready. Got a big day ahead of us, huh? We can handle our business in town and get back on the road.\n\n@@color: #82841d;(<3)@@<<fadeoutsound "https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/2979875/musica.ogg">>
<<if $roadbeg eq "Please, just come with me. I need you.">>That's your problem right there. All you care about is what you need.<<endif>><<if $roadbeg eq "We'll settle down someplace else soon, I promise.">>I wish I believed you'd keep your word on that... but I don't.<<endif>><<if $roadbeg eq "If that's what you want, fine.">>It ain't what I want. But you're giving me no choice.<<endif>><<if $roadbeg eq "Guess this is goodbye, then.">>Yeah. I wish it could have worked out, but... I just can't do it no more.<<endif>> I'm going in back to sort out my things. I guess we'll handle our business in town and go our separate ways.\n\n@@color: #82841d;(x)@@<<fadeoutsound "https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/2979875/musica.ogg">>
Oh, honey, I'm... I'm so happy. God, I was worried sick you wouldn't want to give up the traveling life. It's just been hell for me these past few weeks trying to work up the nerve, and... honey? Something the matter?\n\n@@color: #82841d;<<cyclinglink $ruhroh "No, it's nothing" "Just thinking about how nice it'll be" "I don't love you anymore">>.@@\n\n[[(o)|happyhub]]
/*single-passage Jonah*/\nHistory.prototype.originalDisplay = History.prototype.display;\n\nHistory.prototype.display = function (title, link, render)\n{\n\tif ((render != 'quietly') && (render != 'offscreen'))\n\t\tremoveChildren($('passages'));\n\t\t\n\tthis.originalDisplay.apply(this, arguments);\n};\n\n\n/*passage-specific CSS via tags*/\n(function(){ var render2 = Passage.prototype.render; Passage.prototype.render = function () { var b = render2.call(this); var t = this.tags.join(" "); document.body.setAttribute("data-tags", t); b.setAttribute("data-tags",t); return b; }; if(state) { var tgs = state.history[0].passage.tags.join(" "); var fc = $('passages').firstChild; fc.setAttribute("data-tags",tgs); }}());\n\n\n/*inline CSS: @@command: val;text@@*/\nString.prototype.unDash = function()\n{\n\tvar s = this.split("-");\n\tif(s.length > 1)\n\t\tfor(var t=1; t < s.length; t++)\n\t\t\ts[t] = s[t].substr(0,1).toUpperCase() + s[t].substr(1);\n\treturn s.join("");\n};\n\n\n/*cycling link: <<cyclinglink $var "opt1" "opt2">>*/\nversion.extensions["cyclinglinkMacro"]={major:3,minor:2,revision:0};macros.cyclinglink={handler:function(a,b,c){var rl="cyclingLink";\nfunction toggleText(w){w.classList.toggle(rl+"Enabled");w.classList.toggle(rl+"Disabled");\nw.style.display=((w.style.display=="none")?"inline":"none");}switch(c[c.length-1]){case"end":var end=true;\nc.pop();break;case"out":var out=true;c.pop();break;}var v="";if(c.length&&c[0][0]=="$"){v=c[0].slice(1);\nc.shift();}var h=state.history[0].variables;if(out&&h[v]===""){return;}var l=Wikifier.createInternalLink(a,null);\nl.className="internalLink cyclingLink";l.setAttribute("data-cycle",0);for(var i=0;\ni<c.length;i++){var on=(i==Math.max(c.indexOf(h[v]),0));var d=insertElement(null,"span",null,"cyclingLink"+((on)?"En":"Dis")+"abled");\nif(on){h[v]=c[ i ];l.setAttribute("data-cycle",i);}else{d.style.display="none";}insertText(d,c[ i ]);\nif(on&&end&&i==c.length-1){l.parentNode.replaceChild(d,l);}else{l.appendChild(d);\n}}l.onclick=function(){var t=this.childNodes;var u=this.getAttribute("data-cycle")-0;\nvar m=t.length;toggleText(t[u]);u=(u+1);if(!(out&&u==m)){u%=m;if(v){h[v]=c[u];}}else{h[v]="";\n}if((end||out)&&u==m-(end?1:0)){if(end){var n=this.removeChild(t[u]);n.className=rl+"End";\nn.style.display="inline";this.parentNode.replaceChild(n,this);}else{this.parentNode.removeChild(this);\nreturn;}return;}toggleText(t[u]);this.setAttribute("data-cycle",u);};}};\n\n\n\n/*sound macro*/\n(function () {\n version.extensions['soundMacros'] = {\n major: 1,\n minor: 1,\n revision: 1\n };\n var p = macros['playsound'] = {\n soundtracks: {},\n handler: function (a, b, c, d) {\n var loop = function (m) {\n if (m.loop == undefined) {\n m.loopfn = function () {\n this.play();\n };\n m.addEventListener('ended', m.loopfn, 0);\n } else m.loop = true;\n m.play();\n };\n var s = eval(d.fullArgs());\n if (s) {\n s = s.toString();\n var m = this.soundtracks[s.slice(0, s.lastIndexOf("."))];\n if (m) {\n if (b == "playsound") {\n m.play();\n } else if (b == "loopsound") {\n loop(m);\n } else if (b == "pausesound") {\n m.pause();\n } else if (b == "unloopsound") {\n if (m.loop != undefined) {\n m.loop = false;\n } else if (m.loopfn) {\n m.removeEventListener('ended', m.loopfn);\n delete m.loopfn;\n }\n } else if (b == "stopsound") {\n m.pause();\n m.currentTime = 0;\n } else if (b == "fadeoutsound" || b == "fadeinsound") {\n if (m.interval) clearInterval(m.interval);\n if (b == "fadeinsound") {\n if (m.currentTime>0) return;\n m.volume = 0;\n loop(m);\n } else {\n if (!m.currentTime) return;\n m.play();\n }\n var v = m.volume;\n m.interval = setInterval(function () {\n v = Math.min(1, Math.max(0, v + 0.005 * (b == "fadeinsound" ? 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<<if $comestay eq "Come with me.">><<display "roadcome1">><<endif>><<if $comestay eq "You should stay here.">><<set $temproad = 1>><<display "roadstay1">><<endif>><<if $comestay eq "...">><<display "roadwait1">><<endif>>
<<silently>>\n<<set $temprel = 0>>\n<<set $relationship = 0>> /*-1 distant 0 friendly 1 in love*/\n<<set $job = 0>> /*-1 criminals 0 merchants 1 doctors*/\n<<set $town = 0>> /*-1 seedy 0 farm 1 hub*/\n<<set $apoc = 0>> /*-1 nukes 0 meteor 1 plague*/\n<<endsilently>>Hey. Hey, wake up.\n\n@@color: #82841d; Uh...? Hrmgh... mm...@@\n\n[[(o)|there]]
Y... you what?\n\n<<cyclinglink $breakup "I said I don't love you anymore." "I'm sorry." "...">>\n\n[[(o)|youbreakclose2]]
<<if $sureness eq "You sure?">>Sure I'm sure<<else>>It's like I been telling you<<endif>>. You're not<<if $relationship eq -1>> in business <<endif>> with no rookie. Been doing this kind of work since I was old enough to drive a wagon.\n\n@@color: #82841d;...@@\n\n[[(o)|settle]]
<<if $breakup eq "I said I don't love you anymore.">>I heard you well enough!<<endif>><<if $breakup eq "I'm sorry.">>That's it? You're "sorry?"<<endif>><<if $breakup eq "...">>Nothing else to say, huh?<<endif>> Christ, how long were you planning on waiting to tell me? Weeks? Months? Meanwhile I... I'm sitting here dreaming about... like a fucking fool I was, and...\n\n<<cyclinglink $breakup2 "Hey, listen..." "Look, I'm..." "...">>\n\n[[(o)|youbreakclose3]]
<<if $breakup2 neq "...">>Don't. Just... don't.<<else>>Fine then.<<endif>> I'm going in back to sort out my things. We should just handle our business in town and say our goodbyes.\n\n@@color: #82841d;(x)@@<<fadeoutsound "https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/2979875/musica.ogg">>
<<if $dream eq "Really weird dream too">>Those are the best kind, huh?<<endif>><<if $dream eq "Don't really remember what about though">>Aw, that's a shame.<<endif>><<if $dream eq "Was dreaming about us, actually">><<set $temprel++>>Aw, that's sweet.<<endif>> Here, take the reins. I'll go in back and fix us some breakfast. What are you in the mood for?\n\n@@color: #82841d; Guess I'll have <<cyclinglink $drink "water" "juice" "coffee">> with <<cyclinglink $food "jerky & biscuits" "rice & beans" "nutrient paste">>.@@\n\n[[(o)|nature]]
<<if $roadsend neq "I'll be back someday. Wait for me.">><<if $roadsend eq "Yeah, I suppose so.">>Guess w<<else>>Don't be. W<<endif>>e're just destined to walk different paths, right? I know we'll both do fine. Anyhow, <<else>>You got to be joking. You honestly expect me to sit here and wait for you until you feel like settling down? No way in hell. I got my own life to live. <<endif>>I'm going in back to sort out my things. We should handle our business in town and say our goodbyes.<<if $roadsend eq "I'll be back someday. Wait for me.">> For good.<<endif>>\n\n@@color: #82841d;(x)@@<<fadeoutsound "https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/2979875/musica.ogg">>
I kind of had a feeling that you would. Been preparing to hear you say that for a while. I guess I... I...\n\n<<cyclinglink $comestay "Come with me." "You should stay here." "...">>\n\n[[(o)|roadhub]]
<<if $sitch eq "Yeah, pretty amazing">>Just lovely<<endif>><<if $sitch eq "Well, here & there it's alright">>Yeah, but where it's nice, it's nice<<endif>><<if $sitch eq "Most everywhere's a lot worse than this">>Yeah... suppose we got to appreciate the few places we can<<endif>>. I mean, I don't remember all that well what it was like before... my folks told plenty of tales of course, but you know how those get.\n\n@@color: #82841d;<<cyclinglink $mems "Lots of fond memories" "Always a mixed bag" "Mostly bullshit">>.@@\n\n[[(o)|memories]]
Feel like eating first?\n\n@@color: #82841d;<<cyclinglink $whoeats "Nah, you go ahead" "Sure, I'm starving">>.@@\n\n[[(o)|eating]]\n<<silently>>\n<<if $sit eq "sit very close to Sam">><<set $temprel++>><<endif>>\n<<if $sit eq "sit very far away from Sam">><<set $temprel-->><<endif>>\n<<if $temprel eq -2>><<set $relationship = -1>><<endif>>\n<<if $temprel gte 2 or $morntouch eq "kiss Sam">><<set $relationship = 1>><<endif>>\n<<endsilently>>
<<if $mems eq "Lots of fond memories">>Makes me wish I'd have been old enough to appreciate it<<endif>><<if $mems eq "Always a mixed bag">>Wish I could have been there to see what it was really like<<endif>><<if $mems eq "Mostly bullshit">>They don't mean nothing by it, just trying to keep our spirits up<<endif>>.\n\n@@color: #82841d;...@@\n\n[[(o)|food]]
<<if $settle eq "Yeah. Might be nice.">>Yeah, it would be.<<endif>><<if $settle eq "Haven't really decided yet.">>Mm... guess you got your whole life to decide, right?<<endif>><<if $settle eq "Nah. Just idle fancy.">>Oh... too attached to the trail, are you?<<endif>><<if $settle eq "Don't know. What do you want?">>Ha... I ain't too sure myself to be honest.<<endif>> I dunno, I was just saying because... you know, seems like a <<if $towncond neq "Christ, what a dump">>nice enough place. <<if $job neq -1>>Bet we'd make do pretty easy running a <<if !$job>>shop<<else>>clinic<<endif>> here.<<else>>If we're going to give up the life, may as well settle here.<<endif>><<else>>pretty run-down place. Place like this<<if !$job>> needs folks who can get supplies flowing in<<endif>><<if $job eq 1>> needs doctors real bad<<endif>><<if $job eq -1>>, wouldn't be hard to blend in<<endif>>.<<endif>> Just think we'd <<if $relationship neq 1>>do alright for ourselves<<else>>be able to build a life together<<endif>> here is all.\n\n<<cyclinglink $samset "Sounds like your mind's pretty made up." "Sounds like you aren't sure." "...">>\n\n[[(o)|settle3]]
<<if $samset eq "Sounds like your mind's pretty made up.">>Yeah...<<endif>><<if $samset eq "Sounds like you aren't sure.">>No, I am...<<endif>> I mean, you know how I get sometimes, haha. Second-guess my feelings too much. But... this is something that I want. For <<if $relationship neq 1>>myself<<else>>us<<endif>>.\n\n<<cyclinglink $setagree "I do too." "I don't." "I'm not sure what I want." "...">>\n\n[[(o)|qna]]\n<<silently>>\n<<if $towncond eq "Real nice place">><<set $town = 1>><<endif>>\n<<if $towncond eq "Pretty unremarkable">><<set $town = 0>><<endif>>\n<<if $towncond eq "Christ, what a dump">><<set $town = -1>><<endif>>\n<<if $disaster eq "bombs dropped">><<set $apoc = -1>><<endif>>\n<<if $disaster eq "asteroid hit">><<set $apoc = 0>><<endif>>\n<<if $disaster eq "plague swept through">><<set $apoc = 1>><<endif>>\n<<endsilently>>
<<if $samtrav eq "in love with you anymore">><<if $relationship eq -1>><<display "youbreakdistd">><<else>><<display "youbreakclose">><<endif>><<else>><<display "qna2dots">><<endif>>
...\n\n@@color: #82841d;...@@\n\n[[(o)|youbreakdist]]
<<if $thatscold neq "...">>Spare me.<<else>>Nothing to say now, huh?<<endif>> Just drive the wagon. I'm going in back to sort out my things. We should handle our business in town and say our goodbyes.\n\n@@color: #82841d;(x)@@<<fadeoutsound "https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/2979875/musica.ogg">>
<<if $bkbeg eq "Please, we can make it work.">><<display "sambreaklow">><<else>><<display "sambreakam">><<endif>>
A bit, yeah. I mean... I keep telling myself it was them who set us up well enough to get away from the coast in the first place. It's just... horrible down there. And no way Pa could handle the road with that leg of his. So I know it's what they wanted for <<if $relationship neq -1>>us<<else>>me<<endif>>, but it still don't make it any easier. <<if $job neq -1>>I think they'd be proud of <<if $relationship neq -1>>us<<else>>me<<endif>> if they could see <<if $relationship neq -1>>us<<else>>me<<endif>> now<<else>>I worry sometimes they'd be ashamed of the trade <<if $relationship neq -1>>we're<<else>>I'm<<endif>> in<<endif>>. Just hope they're still scraping by.\n\n@@color: #82841d;Yeah. They were <<cyclinglink $samrents "good people" "decent people" "the closest thing to a family I ever had">>. I'm sure they're doing alright for themselves.@@\n\n[[(o)|qna2folks2]]
<<if $bkbeg eq "Yeah, you're right." or $gaslight eq "Maybe it's for the best then.">>Glad you see where I'm coming from.<<else>>You don't have to say nothing.<<endif>> Makes it... well, no, don't make it any easier. But it gives me at least some peace of mind. Anyhow, guess I'll go in back to sort out my things. We can handle our business in town and part ways.\n\n@@color: #82841d;(x)@@<<fadeoutsound "https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/2979875/musica.ogg">>
I always feel bad talking about my folks because... well, I know you say you don't mind it none, but still... hard for me to imagine what it must have been like growing up drifting, not having no family or nothing.\n\n@@color: #82841d;It was tough. But <<cyclinglink $useless3 "I managed to make it" "it's in the past" "I was tougher">>. You<<cyclinglink $relmodder " don't need to worry about it" " should just drop it" "'re all the family I need">>.@@\n\n[[(o)|qna2dots]]
<<if $lasthap eq "I love you.">>I love you too, honey. And d<<else>>D<<endif>>on't you worry about nothing. We'll handle this easy. I'll go in back and get our things ready. Got a big day ahead of us, huh?\n\n@@color: #82841d;(<3)@@<<fadeoutsound "https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/2979875/musica.ogg">>
No, we can't. And even if we could, my mind's already made up. I... I know we... Christ, I can't find my goddamn handkerchief...\n\n<<cyclinglink $gaslight "Maybe it's for the best then." "You don't feel that way. I need you." "...">>\n\n[[(o)|samhub2]]
<<if $food neq "nutrient paste" and $whoeats eq "Nah, you go ahead">>Mmm, it's good. Nice to have a real breakfast instead of that paste for a change.<<endif>><<if $food eq "nutrient paste" and $whoeats eq "Nah, you go ahead">>Bleh, I hate this stuff. Just got to focus on the scrip we're saving I guess.<<endif>><<if $food neq "nutrient paste" and $whoeats eq "Sure, I'm starving">>Good, ain't it? Nice to have a real breakfast instead of that paste for a change.<<endif>><<if $food eq "nutrient paste" and $whoeats eq "Sure, I'm starving">>Added some spices, but I doubt it helps the taste much. Just got to focus on the scrip we're saving I guess.<<endif>> Oh, look! The town's just over that hill.\n\n@@color: #82841d;<<cyclinglink $towncond "Real nice place" "Pretty unremarkable" "Christ, what a dump">>. Just hope <<cyclinglink $tempjob "they need supplies" "they need doctors" "we don't get busted">>.@@\n\n[[(o)|itsfine]]
<<if $qna eq "Do you know anything about this town?">><<display "qnatown">><<endif>><<if $qna eq "Are you sure you want me to be with you?">><<display "qnabewith">><<endif>><<if $qna eq "...">><<display "qnadots">><<endif>>
Fine morning, ain't it? Amazing how quick nature's getting things back to regular.\n\n@@color: #82841d; <<cyclinglink $sitch "Yeah, pretty amazing" "Well, here & there it's alright" "Most everywhere's a lot worse than this">>. Was nothing but hell after the <<cyclinglink $disaster "bombs dropped" "asteroid hit" "plague swept through">>.@@\n\n[[(o)|before]]
Food's ready! Coming up, scoot over a bit.\n\n@@color: #82841d;*<<cyclinglink $sit "sit on your own side" "sit very close to Sam" "sit very far away from Sam">>*@@\n\n[[(o)|sit]]
I'm sorry, babe. But that don't change things. We... I don't know what happened. Maybe it was the road. Maybe it was just us. But we've been growing too far apart, and I don't see how <<if $job neq -1>>opening a <<if !$job>>shop<<else>>clinic<<endif>><<else>>cleaning up our act<<endif>> and getting a place together is going to fix that.\n\n<<cyclinglink $bkbeg "Yeah, you're right." "Please, we can make it work." "...">>\n\n[[(o)|sambreakhub]]
Yeah... the road wears on you after a while, you know? I mean, of course we needed to get off the coast. I ain't denying that. And seeing all kinds of places, the good and the bad, it was exciting for a time. We don't ever have trouble <<if !$job>>moving supplies<<endif>><<if $job eq 1>>finding patients<<endif>><<if $job eq -1>>flipping product<<endif>> when we hit a new area, and the deals we got with the clans keep the raiders off our ass. So it's a decent enough life. But... I mean, at the same time... we don't know anyone anymore. Always dealing with unfamiliar faces. We don't have a home, you know? I just don't think I can do it much longer.\n\n@@color: #82841d;I'm not <<cyclinglink $samtrav "opposed to settling down" "ready to give it up yet" "sure what I want" "in love with you anymore">>.@@\n\n[[(o)|qna2trav2]]
Mm, breakfast is always the best meal, ain't it? <<if $whoeats eq "Sure, I'm starving">>You can just leave the plate there, we'll clean up later. Take the reins?<<else>>I'll take the reins now so you can eat.<<endif>>\n\n<<cyclinglink $qna2 "You still think about your folks a lot?" "You want to give up the traveling life, then?" "...">>\n\n[[(o)|qna2hub]]
...\n\n<<cyclinglink $qna "Do you know anything about this town?" "Are you sure you want me to be with you?" "...">>\n\n[[(o)|qnahub]]
<<if $gaslight eq "You don't feel that way. I need you.">><<display "sambreaklower">><<else>><<display "sambreakam">><<endif>>
Look, honey... I didn't want to do this till we got into town, but... um...\n\n<<cyclinglink $temprep "Yeah?" "Can this wait?" "...">>\n\n[[(o)|decision]]
Eh. Plainsbrook, Prairiebrook, something like that. You know, one of those nothing sort of names. Post-<<if $apoc eq -1>>war<<endif>><<if !$apoc>>impact<<endif>><<if $apoc eq 1>>plague<<endif>>, so there ain't any dead infrastructure to worry about. Supposed to be a <<if $town eq 1>>local trade hub<<endif>><<if !$town>>small farming community<<endif>><<if $town eq -1>>pretty seedy place<<endif>>, but it's isolated enough that the bandits usually don't pay it no mind.\n\n@@color: #82841d;Sounds <<cyclinglink $useless1 "perfect" "alright" "lousy">> for <<cyclinglink $useless2 "you" "me" "us">>.@@\n\n[[(o)|qnadots]]
I don't love you either. Funny, I guess, that it took all this for it to finally come out. Not like we haven't been drifting apart for a while now. Honestly, it's kind of a relief that we got some common ground at least on that.\n\n<<cyclinglink $bkup "I suppose so." "I'm sorry." "...">>\n\n[[(o)|youbreakdistend]]
<<if $temproad>>Y... yeah. I'd planned on it.<<else>>My mind's made up. I have to stay.<<endif>> I mean, I still <<if $relationship eq 1>>love you<<else>>have feelings for you<<endif>>. But you got to do your thing. I respect that. And I got to do mine. It hurts, but... I know it's for the best, that we'll be better off.\n\n<<cyclinglink $roadsend "Yeah, I suppose so." "I'm sorry." "I'll be back someday. Wait for me.">>\n\n[[(o)|roadstayend]]
...\n\n@@color: #82841d;...@@\n\n[[(o)|bfastswitch]]
body {\n\tbackground: #b5ce4c;\n}\n\n.body {\n\tfont-size: 24px;\n}\n\n.passage {\n\tcolor: #e4f5c8;\n\tposition: relative;\n\tbackground: transparent;\n\tline-height: 30px;\n\tmargin: auto;\n\tmargin-top: 200px;\n\twidth: 600px;\n\tz-index: 10;\n\tfont-family: Century Gothic, sans-serif;\n}\n\n.passage .body .internalLink {color: #82841d}\n\n.visited {color: #FF0000}\n\n.passage .title { display: none }\n\n#footer {display: none}\n\n[data-tags~=wrapkill] {word-wrap: break-word;}\n\n[data-tags~=you] {color: #727db2 !important; text-align: right !important;}\n\n.passage[data-tags~=nofade] { opacity:1 !important; }\n\n[data-tags~=sleep] { background: #000000; opacity : 0.5}
<<if $ruhroh eq "I don't love you anymore">><<if $relationship eq -1>><<display "youbreakdistd">><<else>><<display "youbreakclose">><<endif>><<else>><<display "stayhappy2">><<endif>>
<<if $comestay2 eq "Come with me.">><<display "roadcome1">><<endif>><<if $comestay2 eq "You should stay here.">><<set $temproad = 1>><<display "roadstay1">><<endif>><<if $comestay2 eq "No. I want you to make your own choice.">><<if $relmodder eq "'re all the family I need" and $relationship eq 1>><<display "roadwait2">><<else>><<display "roadstay1">><<endif>><<endif>>
Christ, honey...\n\n<<cyclinglink $oops "Yeah?" "Huh?" "...?">>\n\n[[(o)|dont2]]
I... ah... aw, hell. It's like you said, right? We're family now. And family's got to stick by each other. If this is what you're set on... well, you know how I feel about it all, but it ain't so bad that I'd be willing give you up to get away from it. Promise me something though. Promise me we won't be doing this forever.\n\n<<cyclinglink $promise "I promise." "I can't promise you that." "...">>\n\n[[(o)|roadwaitend]]
Mm...\n\n@@color: #82841d;...@@\n\n[[(o)|townq]]\n<<silently>>\n<<if $relmodder eq "'re all the family I need" and $relationship neq 1>><<set $relationship++>><<endif>>\n<<if $relmodder eq " should just drop it" and $relationship neq -1>><<set $relationship-->><<endif>>\n<<endsilently>>
Aren't you going to say nothing?\n\n<<cyclinglink $comestay2 "Come with me." "You should stay here." "No. I want you to make your own choice.">>\n\n[[(o)|roadwaithub]]
<<fadeinsound "https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/2979875/musica.ogg">>Morning, sunshine.\n\n@@color: #82841d; <<cyclinglink $morngreet "Morning" "Morning, darling">>. Guess I overslept, huh? *<<cyclinglink $morntouch "pat Sam on the shoulder" "elbow Sam's arm" "kiss Sam">>*@@\n\n[[(o)|dream]]
<<if $qna2 eq "You still think about your folks a lot?">><<display "qna2folks1">><<endif>><<if $qna2 eq "You want to give up the traveling life, then?">><<display "qna2trav">><<endif>><<if $qna2 eq "...">><<display "qna2dots">><<endif>>
Say, speaking of which... you meant what you said the other day? Bout maybe settling down in a place like this? Be nice to <<if $job eq 0>>set up a shop or something<<endif>><<if $job eq 1>>set up a clinic or something<<endif>><<if $job eq -1>>offload what we got and go legit<<endif>>.\n\n<<cyclinglink $settle "Yeah. Might be nice." "Haven't really decided yet." "Nah. Just idle fancy." "Don't know. What do you want?">>\n\n[[(o)|settle2]]
<<if $oops eq "Yeah?">>You still don't get it, do you?<<else>>It's a bit late for that.<<endif>> I ain't no fool, babe. I see the way you look through me instead of at me. The way you're always thinking about something else when I'm talking, just saying whatever it is you think I want to hear. You don't care about me at all, do you?\n\n<<cyclinglink $thatscold "I..." "But..." "...">>\n\n[[(o)|dontend]]
<<if $bkup eq "I'm sorry.">>Don't be. <<endif>>Hell, it actually feels like a weight off my chest, you know? Like I don't got to lie no more.\n\nAnyhow, guess we'll handle our business in town and part ways. Wouldn't mind having a drink with you sometime, if you're up for it.\n\n@@color: #82841d;(~)@@<<fadeoutsound "https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/2979875/musica.ogg">>
<<if $relationship gte 0 and $hereroad eq "here">><<if $morngreet eq "Morning" and $morntouch eq "pat Sam on the shoulder" and $dream eq "Don't really remember what about though" and $drink eq "water" and $food eq "jerky & biscuits" and $sitch eq "Yeah, pretty amazing" and $disaster eq "bombs dropped" and $mems eq "Lots of fond memories" and $sit eq "sit on your own side" and $whoeats eq "Nah, you go ahead" and $towncond eq "Real nice place" and $tempjob eq "they need supplies" and $sureness eq "Sounds good." and $settle eq "Yeah. Might be nice." and $samset eq "Sounds like your mind's pretty made up." and $setagree eq "I do too." and $qna eq "Do you know anything about this town?" and $useless1 eq "perfect" and $useless2 eq "you" and $qna2 eq "You still think about your folks a lot?" and $samrents eq "good people" and $useless3 eq "I managed to make it" and $relmodder eq " don't need to worry about it" and $temprep eq "Yeah?" and $hereroad eq "here">><<display "dontdothat">><<else>><<display "stayhappy">><<endif>><<endif>><<if $relationship eq -1 and $hereroad eq "here">><<display "sambreak">><<endif>><<if $hereroad eq "on the road">><<display "road1">><<endif>>
<<if $morngreet eq "Morning, darling">><<set $temprel++>><<endif>><<if $morntouch eq "kiss Sam">><<set $temprel++>>Mm, hehe<<endif>><<if $morntouch eq "pat Sam on the shoulder">>Mm<<endif>><<if $morntouch eq "elbow Sam's arm">><<set $temprel-->>Yep<<endif>>. You were dreaming, weren't you? I can always tell. Your breathing kind of changes.\n\n@@color: #82841d; Yeah. <<cyclinglink $dream "Don't really remember what about though" "Really weird dream too" "Was dreaming about us, actually">>.@@\n\n[[(o)|breakfast]]
<<if $temprep eq "Can this wait?">><<if $relationship eq -1>>Ugh, really? <<endif>>No. It can't. <<endif>>I <<if $relationship eq 1>>don't want to<<else>>won't<<endif>> keep going on like this. The nomad life, it's... I <<if $relationship eq 1>>want to<<else>>got to<<endif>> give it up. It just ain't for me no more. When we get into town, I <<if $relationship eq 1>>want to stay<<else>>'m staying<<endif>>. I <<if $relationship eq 1>>want you to stay with me<<endif>><<if !$relationship>>think you should do what you like<<endif>><<if $relationship eq -1>>think we should break up<<endif>>.\n\n@@color: #82841d;Darling, I... I want to stay <<cyclinglink $hereroad "here" "on the road">>.@@\n\n[[(o)|dechub]]
Mm... we shouldn't have any trouble getting set up I don't think. I mean, we got plenty of supplies, and <<if !$job>>we know the trade routes<<endif>><<if $job eq 1>>doctors are real rare<<endif>><<if $job eq -1>>we got a real... varied set of skills<<endif>>. We'll do alright here.\n\n<<cyclinglink $lasthap "I think so too." "I hope so." "I love you." "...">>\n\n[[(o)|happyend]]